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Planning Cadre Management Office

Provide the means, guidance, and workforce to enable intra and interagency coordination, collaboration, and coordination in response to or recovery from an event, by readying and employing a competent and prepared workforce.

Our Mission

Through the implementation of planning frameworks and processes the Planning Cadre enables intra and interagency coordination, collaboration, and coordination.

Planning Cadre provides the means in which field leadership, decision makers, and program areas facilitate coordinated whole community response and recovery efforts, drive informed operational decision making, inform and maintain a common operating picture and vision, and document agency activities.

Planning Cadre members implement planning frameworks and processes through the operationalization of the: situation awareness, decision support, operational planning, resource tracking, GIS and Data Analytics, information management, and administrative support capabilities within the incident management context.

What We Do

The Cadre Management Support office is the operational arm of the Planning and Exercise Division. The Cadre Management Team is responsible for managing the Agency’s incident management (IM) planning capabilities supporting the agency in its mission before, during, and after disasters, enabling agency operations at the incident level.

The Planning Cadre Management Team

As the office responsible for the Planning Cadre, the Cadre Management Team utilizes their delegated roles from leadership to support field staffing; recruitment and retention of Cadre Members; provide authoritative direction and interpretation related to the practices and standards of Planning within the incident management context; publish, maintain, and revise Cadre doctrine and standards; implement leadership’s vision for incident management planning; as well as develop, maintain, and deliver training enabling Planners in their work.

  • Operates a national virtual planning section which provides Incident Management Planning support to various incidents leveraging the efficiency of shared resources in a resource constrained environment.
  • Operate the National IM GIS and Data Analysis Support Cell allowing for incidents to access GIS and Data Analytics support to incidents nationwide.
  • Operate situation awareness tools to bridge information gaps between incident management and support.
  • Develop integrated doctrine and national standards for the IM Planning workforce.
  • Form IM Planners through training, coach and evaluation support, and just in time training.
  • Manage a national cache of computers that enable data and GIS analysts, videographers, and others to effectively perform their role in response and recovery operations.
  • Support USAR Incident Support Team operations
  • Work with agency leadership to support the effective and appropriate deployment of staff.

Planning Cadre Management manages two, Incident Stabilization Planning Response Teams (ISPRTs), that provide the capability to expeditiously provide a team of Planners to support incident stabilization activities during lifesaving/life-sustaining incident response in resource constrained environments.

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