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Donated Resources Can Help Offset Public Assistance Project Costs

Release Date:
九月 14, 2022

Individuals and nonprofit organizations often donate resources to assist with disaster response activities. FEMA allows the applicant (local and state agencies and certain private nonprofits, including houses of worship) to use the value of resources donated to them to offset the non-federal cost share of eligible projects and direct federal assistance.

Donated resources may include items such as volunteer labor, supplies and equipment, buildings or land, space or logistical support. The donated resources must come from a third party and details must be tracked by the applicant.

President Biden’s emergency declaration authorizes emergency protective measures, including Direct Federal Assistance, for Hinds County at 75% federal funding for 90 days. The remaining 25% non-federal cost share is covered by the state and applicant. Applicants for Public Assistance may include eligible donated resources as part of the non-federal cost share.

Organizations interested in applying for FEMA Public Assistance reimbursement please watch the recorded video of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency’s (MEMA) Applicant Briefing at: Public Assistance - MEMA ( or call the MEMA Recovery Office at 601-933-6262 for more information. The deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance to MEMA is Sept. 29, 2022. The Public Assistance program is funded by FEMA and administered by MEMA.