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Connecticut: Meriden Harbor Brook Flood Resilience

Meriden nature-based solution will help a vulnerable community experiencing repetitive flooding.

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Meriden, Connecticut: $11.17 Million

This is a Justice40 project.


Meriden is a town between the Connecticut hubs of New Haven and Hartford. It sits on the Quinnipiac River in the inland part of the state.

Project Description

The proposed project will reduce recurring flood damage and flood hazards along 1,800 linear feet of Harbor Brook. Channel improvements will reduce flood risk, provide floodplain and habitat, replace two existing bridges, and provide waterfront trail systems. The proposed activities provide the greatest support to those with the greatest need. The project provides 100-year-level flood protection to 1,648 people within a designated Distressed Municipality. The project site is located within a county with a high SoVI, according to the SoVI state index.

The risk of loss will be greatly reduced or eliminated at 14 residential and 25 commercial and municipal structures, including the police department, a senior center, and a community YMCA. Transportation and utility systems for this distressed municipality will be directly improved, improving access to community lifelines during storm events. Ancillary benefits include water quality improvement, nature-based solutions like habitat creation, increased economic opportunity, reduced social vulnerability, and improvement to public health. The city of Meriden has worked and partnered with local trails groups to develop and support a mixed-use linear trail along Harbor Brook, as well as local watershed organizations.