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Tools and Resources for Public Assistance Stakeholders

Explore our suite of tools and resources to guide the Public Assistance funding application process.

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Applicants, recipients and subrecipents login:

View the rates for applicant-owned equipment in good mechanical condition, which includes all costs eligible for ownership, operation and maintenance.

State- and county-wide public assistance per capita impact indicators and the minimum and maximum project cost thresholds for small projects.

Learn about the benefits and requirements of sharing the cost of goods or services with another applicant.

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute offers Public Assistance independent study courses free of charge. View and enroll in courses numbered IS-1000 through IS-1026.

Access all forms related to the Public Assistance and Fire Management Assistance Grant programs, as well as Administrative Plan worksheet templates. 

Use FEMA’s Cost Estimating Format (CEF) to determine the cost of eligible permanent work for large construction projects.

Knowing the federal procurement rules when purchasing goods and services under a FEMA grant programs will help increase your chance of securing and keeping the funding you need.

Learn about FEMA’s Public Assistance grants payment internal control review process which ensures FEMA’s compliance with statutory improper payment review and reporting requirements.

Public Assistance Grant Program Statistics

Datasets for funded projects and for public assistance recipients designated as applicants in the data.