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The IPAWS Users Conference

IPAWS Users Conference Sept. 15

FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) will host a virtual conference aimed at providing Alerting Authorities with the tools and skills needed to create effective alerts and become confident IPAWS users.

日期: September 15, 2021

时间: 10:00 AM - 4:15 PM


Registration Available

Event Details

FEMA's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) is excited to announce the inaugural IPAWS Users Conference. Join us on September 15 for a virtual conference aimed at providing Alerting Authorities with the tools and skills needed to create effective alerts and become confident IPAWS users.

Learn more about the IPAWS Lab and its capabilities, best practices for alerting, the associated responsibilities of Alerting Authorities, recap of the National IPAWS test, and new/emerging technologies in public alerting from IPAWS SMEs, Peers, and Social Scientists.

The IPAWS Users Conference will convene on the Hopin platform. A free account is needed to participate. Please create your account in advance; doing so will also register you for the conference. You can create an account and join the event from the Join Event button on the conference home page.

For closed caption services, open this link in a separate browser. Event ID: 4881647



10:00AM–10:05AM : Welcome


10:05AM–10:10AM: Opening Remarks


10:10AM–10:25AM: Current State of IPAWS


10:25AM–10:40AM: IPAWS, What's on the Horizon?


10:40AM–10:50AM: Introduction to the IPAWS Branches


10:50AM–11:10AM: The 2021 National Test, IPAWS Recap

The National Test of EAS and WEA was held on Aug. 11. Was the test carried over satellite TV and radio? Were you opted in? Were you supposed to opt-in? Join Al, Test Coordinator, to hear the real story of the National Test…the success story.


11:10AM–11:20AM: 10-min break


11:20AM–12:00PM: IPAWS Users’ Permissions and Responsibilities

Do you know if your MOA is expired? Had personnel changes lately? And what about digital certificates? Join Al Kenyon, Customer Support Branch Chief, as he discusses everything needed to continue leveraging IPAWS.


12:00PM–12:40PM: Using IPAWS, Best Practices to Ensure Success

Sending emergency information to the public can be stressful. The last thing an Alerting Authority needs during a crisis situation is a failed alert. We’re here to help! Join Jody Smith, IPAWS Technical Support Services Lead, to get tips on how to effectively send an IPAWS alert.


12:40PM–12:45PM: Key Partnership

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), AMBER Alerts, and WEA.


12:45PM–1:15PM: 30-min lunch break


1:15PM–1:55PM: The NEW IPAWS Technical Support Services Facility (TSSF) Capabilities

The IPAWS Office is pleased to announce the availability of the IPAWS TSSF 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, including holidays. For several years, requests from Alerting Authorities have grown to include the availability of IPAWS technical assistance after business hours. We have met the demand, and the IPAWS TSSF will continue to provide a closed/safe environment for Alerting Authorities to improve alerting proficiency, assess operating procedures, train employees, and exercise processes.


1:55PM–2:20PM: Key Partnership

The National Integration Center (NIC) and their Technical Assistance Workshops improve Alerting Authorities’ ability to communicate effectively to public before, during, and after disasters. Learn how to enroll your jurisdiction in an upcoming workshop.


2:20PM–2:40PM: Creating an Alerting Program Plan

Have multiple systems for sending emergency alerts? Need help writing a plan for everything? The IPAWS Program Planning Toolkit will be released on the FEMA.gov website by the end of 2021 and will help Alerting Authorities create comprehensive alert plans from start to finish. Join to see a demonstration of this new toolkit.


2:40PM–2:50PM: 10-min break


2:50PM–3:30PM: IPAWS Roadmap for Technical Enhancements

Now what? What would you like to see next? IPAWS must grow as technology does. Your feedback on preferred new capabilities is important and we will take this time to discuss our vision and yours.


3:30PM–4:05PM: Fireside Chat Closing Panel

Roundtable discussion with IPAWS Staff, covering many topics and answering frequently asked questions.


4:05PM–4:15PM: Closing Remarks