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Region 3 Hazard Mitigation Planning

Mitigation is taking steps to protect what you value— people, your home, your belongings— from risk. Mitigation is most effective when it is based on a comprehensive, long-term plan that is developed before a disaster occurs. The hazard mitigation planning process allows community partners to assess risks and capabilities and to identify local policies and actions that can reduce risk.

The four core steps to developing a plan are:

  1. Organize the planning process and resources.
  2. Assess risks and capabilities.
  3. Develop a mitigation strategy.
  4. Adopt, maintain, and implement the plan.

FEMA Region 3 developed the following resources to help your community throughout each core step of hazard mitigation plan development. For national resources and information on hazard mitigation planning, please visit FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Planning website.

Below are the following four sections of documents included in this collection: 

Hazard Mitigation Plan Development

(Filter out documents by using the keyword: Hazard Mitigation) Once your community is ready to begin developing your Hazard Mitigation Plan, FEMA has resources to help with every step.

Flood Risk Product Recipe

(Filter out documents by using the keyword: Flood Risk Map) These Flood Risk Product Recipe Cards provide step-by-step instructions on how to use these products for different types of analyses. The recipe cards are designed for Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals.

Reducing Risk In The FloodPlain 

(Filter out documents by using the keyword: Floodplain Boundaries) When it comes to flood risk, bringing the Hazard Mitigation Plan to life requires coordination among diverse community partners. These include the hazard mitigation planning team, local floodplain administrators, local planners, and emergency managers, among many others. Region 3 has developed a series of resources to help better connect the ongoing efforts of these partners in your community.

Training and Technical Assistance Opportunities

(Filter out documents by using the keyword: Training) In addition to the resources provided above, FEMA Region 3 recognizes the importance of ongoing training and technical assistance. The following live training opportunities are designed to support community partners with each step of the hazard mitigation planning process. To request training or technical assistance for your community, please contact your state or FEMA Region 3  


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