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FEMA Reimburses nearly $7 million to Massachusetts for COVID-19 Food Security Response

Release Date:
十二月 31, 2020

REGION 1 – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded $6,993,801 to Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to reimburse eligible expenses for the delivery of food boxes to hundreds of thousands of residents in response to food insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. MEMA, along with the assistance of the Salvation Army, and a network of food banks and food pantries throughout Massachusetts coordinated and distributed 275,808 food boxes to eligible participants.

“We are pleased to provide this significant grant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help manage the financial demands associated with providing food for its citizens needing assistance during COVID-19,” said Regional Administrator and Federal Coordinating Officer Capt. Russ Webster.  “The partnership FEMA has with the Commonwealth allows us to jointly provide assistance throughout Massachusetts to help lessen the stress of COVID-19.”

The Public Assistance Program provides grants at a 75/25 percent cost share to eligible applicants including state and local governments, federally recognized tribal nations, U.S. territories, and certain private non-profit organizations. 

For COVID-19, FEMA has simplified the Public Assistance application and funding process to address the magnitude of this event allowing local officials to receive eligible funding more quickly.  These reimbursements can play a critical role in helping local, state and tribal representatives assist their communities during this response.

Grant applications are submitted by the Commonwealth, which coordinates the process with local governments.  FEMA obligated the funding for this project directly to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Additional information about FEMA’s Public Assistance program can be found at:


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