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Updating Flood-Hazard Information in DuPage

DUPAGE COUNTY, IL - As a large county in Illinois with an active water resources management program, DuPage County has developed its own, highly advanced methodology for modeling the flood hazard. Its principal goal in the Cooperative Technical Partner (CTP) program is to integrate their water resources management efforts with the NFIP program so the FEMA FIRMs will reflect the most up-to-date flood hazard information available for the county.

To achieve this goal, DuPage County has worked through the CTP program to get FEMA approval for their flood hazard modeling methodology. The next step is for DuPage County to create a digital FIRM (DFIRM) for the county with updated floodplain delineations based on new topography. The countywide DFIRM will be the foundation for the future work planned by the county. Building on this foundation, the county is planning a multi-year effort to update the hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) on a countywide basis using its own innovative engineering modeling system. The result will be a state-of-the-art, comprehensive watershed model for the entire county.

The complete countywide DFIRM is expected to be finished in 2001. A pilot area has already been completed, and the County expects to complete work on a 13 square mile drainage basin within the next four months. FEMA has provided a small amount of funding for the project, but DuPage County is performing the majority of this extensive effort on their own.