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A few inches of water in a 1,000-square foot home could cost more than $10,000 in repairs and replacement of personal possessions. Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover most floods. Learn more about flood insurance.

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从 Alaska 到 Puerto Rico,从 Florida 到 South Carolina,全国数以百万计的美国人受到灾难的影响。FEMA 的工作没有放缓,继续开展救援工作并为灾难幸存者提供帮助。
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我们鼓励“阿拉斯加州个人援助”的申请人填写一份FEMA和美国小企业管理局的联邦灾难援助申请。请访问www.DisasterAssistance.gov或致电800-621-3362 (失聪人士拨打800-462-7585)以开始该申请过程。提供多种语言接听服务。


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