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Assistance To Firefighters Grants Success Stories

Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

Stow, Massachusetts -- Peter Ostroskey explains how the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy uses a laundromat-on-wheels to clean and maintain 600 sets of turnout gear.

The Safety Problem. Despite rigorous training and spot weather forecasts, even seasoned responders may not recognize when conditions on the fire ground become life threatening.

Grant Number: EMW-2014-FP-00200
Principle Investigator: Jefferey L. Burgess, M.D., M.S., M.P.H.
University of Arizona

Grant Number: EMW-2016-FP-00833
Principle Investigator: Ofodike Ezekoye Ph.D., P.E.
University of Texas at Austin

Grant Number: EMW-2014-FP-00403
Principle Investigator: Casey Grant, P.E.
Fire Protection Research Foundation

Newport Beach Fire Department

NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- With a 2002 Fire Prevention and Safety grant from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, the Newport Beach Fire Department (NBFD) developed the Newport Beach Safety Ladder, an interactive and

Riley Hospital for Children

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- Riley Hospital for Children is Indiana's only comprehensive children's hospital that provides medical care for the most challenging of pediatric patients nationwide.

Berkeley Fire Department

BERKELEY, CA -- The Berkeley Hills area of California is also known as the "hazardous hills" because its hot, dry climate and vegetation puts it at high risk of wildfires.

International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.

BRIDGETON, MO -- With primary funding support provided by the AFG's Fire Prevention Grant, the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) has developed a distance learning system to

Division of Fire Prevention

STATE OF ALASKA -- According to the Alaska Division of Fire Prevention, more than 70 percent of all structure fires in the State occur in the home.

ROCHESTER, NY -- Children playing with fire cause hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries each year.

Chicago Fire Department & National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Chicago, IL--Emergency response is all about saving lives and property and working to prevent incidents.

Galesburg Fire Department

GALESBURG, IL -- Unemployment and underemployment is widespread in Galesburg, which means homeowners and renters cannot afford extra luxuries, like smoke alarms and other fire protection measures.

WILLIAMSTOWN, VT--The all-volunteer Williamstown Fire Department received a 2003 Assistance to Firefighters grant, and among the equipment it purchased was a thermal imaging camera, or TIC, that features colorization of high heat areas.

BRISTOL, VA -- The region around Bristol Virginia has been experiencing a declining economy and a low per capita income, with 21 percent of their citizens living below poverty level.

Cedar Hill Fire Department

CEDAR HILL, TX -- An agreement among three cities with shared dispatch often left the Cedar Hill Fire Department understaffed for service calls.

In 2010, fire and rescue services in Frederick County, Maryland, desperately needed more volunteer firefighters.

Winter Haven Fire Department

WINTER HAVEN, FL -- Just a few weeks after adding eight new fire fighters to the Winter Haven Fire Department, the crews were called on to fight a large structure fire.

Eagle River Fire Protection District

AVON, CO -- Dropping temperatures, a fully engulfed mobile home fire and a frozen fire hydrant almost created the perfect firestorm.

Grant aids with recruitment and retention efforts

MARIPOSA, CA -- Responding to calls for service is what Jim Wilson wants the Mariposa County Fire Department to do best.

Poarch Creek Indians Fire/Rescue

ATMORE, AL -- Torrential rains left the already-soaked community of Atmore as well as the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation flooded and in danger.

Hermon Fire Department

Hermon, ME -- In January 2005, the Hermon Fire Department received Assistance to Firefighters Grant funding for a community fire prevention program.

Hatley Volunteer Fire Department

HATLEY, Miss. -- The Hatley Volunteer Fire Department was strapped for money, and their firefighters were using unreliable brush firefighting equipment and outdated breathing apparatus and protective turnout gear.

Georgetown Fire Protection District

GEORGETOWN, Calif. -- One of the Georgetown District's biggest problems is wildland fires.

"Of the fire calls received in 2003, about 80 percent were for wildland or forest fires," said Chief Rick Todd.

Fairfield Glade Volunteer Fire Department

FAIRFIELD, TN -- The members of the Fairfield Glade Volunteer Fire Department are older than your average firefighter, having retired from their professional careers, says Fire Chief Dave Allstaedt.

Margaretta Township Fire Department

ERIE COUNTY, Ohio -- On March 17, 2006, a 73-year-old man requested the EMS unit for chest pain. Upon arrival, the patient was assessed and a 12-lead EKG done.

DeForest Area Fire and EMS Department


Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company

COLCHESTER, VT -- The Colchester Fire Company is a mirror of its citizens.

The all-volunteer company is made up of men and women, ages 18 to 68, who call the city home.

New, larger hoses help disperse water in larger quantities

CHEWELAH, Wash. -- An out of-control car exploded on impact when it crashed into the front porch of a small home, causing a massive inferno.

Harmar Township Volunteer Fire Company 1

CHESWICK, PA -- At a vehicle accident in 2003, Harmar Township firefighters were extricating a victim, and needed to quickly remove the roof of a late-model BMW to do so.

City of Biwabik Fire Department

BIWABIK, MN -- On February 3, 2006, the Biwabik Fire Department was called to the scene of an apartment fire and told that there were people trapped in the building.

Arcata Fire Protection District

ARCATA, CA -- The Arcata Fire Protection District is an all-risk public safety entity providing fire, rescue, and EMS services to a population of 35,000 residents for the city of Arcata, the communities of McKinleyvill

Lee County Fire Department

BISHOPVILLE, SC -- The AFG grant has helped to meet the needs of Lee County's growing rural fire department.

 Annapolis Fire Department

ANNAPOLIS, MD -- The Annapolis Fire Department is a mostly career, all-hazards emergency service agency that provides fire suppression, EMS, technical rescue response, Hazmat response, WMD response, marine rescue/firefighting, and bomb

Volunteer firefighters are prepared to fight blaze thanks to AFG award

LAMAR COUNTY, MS -- A wall of smoke made it impossible to see through the windows, much less down the hall or in the bedrooms.

Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Department

RAPID CITY, SD -- The Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Department provides structural and wildland fire suppression and medical first response to a community of approximately 2,500 residents in Pennington County, South Dakota.

City of Puyallup Fire and Rescue 

PUYALLUP, WA -- The City of Puyallup Fire and Rescue received a grant in 2004 to implement a wellness and fitness program. The AFG-funded program includes providing physical exams to department members.


REDMOND, OR -- For injured patients, the difference between life and death can mean just a few breaths. Supplying patients with oxygen sometimes depends on a small tube that is precisely inserted through the mouth and into the lungs.

TUSCALOOSA, AL--The Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Service used its grant to establish a Fire Prevention and Safety Education program featuring a 36-foot-long mobile Fire Safety House, used for teaching schoolchildren and adults what to do in case of a fire at their homes.

Golder Ranch Fire District

TUCSON, Ariz. -- In 2001, the Golder Ranch Fire District received an Assistance to Firefighters Grant to establish its first wellness and fitness program.

BALLY, PA – The Goodwill Fire Company operates as the rescue company for many departments and territories in the rural, small town area of Bally, Pennsylvania.

AFG-Bought Generator Supplies Power During Natural Disaster

WOOSTER, OH--Northern Ohio isn't typically known for treacherous weather and destructive tornadoes, but for the small town of Wooster, that all changed in September 2010.