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Subapplication Status Descriptions

As a reference to Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs, below are descriptions of the subapplication statuses.

Identified for Further Review

An application which is listed as “identified for further review” is not a notification of award. This means that a subapplication has met the requirements specified in the NOFO and the HMA Unified Guidance.  At this time, the applicants are required to work with a FEMA Regional Office to complete the pre-award activities for subapplications. Regional Offices will also complete the Environmental and Historic Preservation (EHP) compliance review for projects prior to award.  Applicant management costs will be awarded based on the planning and project subapplications that are “identified for further review” and will not be awarded in excess of 10 percent of the total grant award.  Additionally, awards will be subject to the availability of funds. FEMA may, at its discretion, request additional information or documentation regarding administrative or procedural requirements and conduct additional programmatic reviews before making a final decision. 

Not Selected

Each year, the number of applicants for grant funding exceeds what is available.  FEMA offers two recommendations for subapplications that met the program requirements but are not selected due to limited program funding. One recommendation is that the applicant may re-submit the subapplication during the open period of the FY 2019 FMA or Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant program. Or, if funding is available, an application can be submitted to the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

Did Not Meet Hazard Mitigation Assistance Requirements

For applications submitted that are identified as “Did not meet HMA requirements”, the FEMA Regional Office will provide further information to applicants on why subapplications did not meet these requirements.

Request for Reconsideration

FEMA will reconsider its determination of a subapplication only when there is an indication of a substantive technical or procedural error by FEMA.  Only information provided in the submitted subapplication is considered supporting documentation for the request for reconsideration.  The amount of funding available for applicant management costs will not be reconsidered. 

Applicants must send requests for reconsideration based upon technical or procedural error to their FEMA Regional Office within 60 days of the posting of subapplication status.  The Regional Office will review the information received from an applicant and submit the regional recommendation to FEMA’s Headquarters.  FEMA Headquarters will make a final determination to overturn or uphold the original decision and send the response to the applicant.  A FEMA decision to uphold or overturn a decision regarding a subapplication is final.