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Wildfire Mitigation Tools and Resources: I am a Homebuilder, Developer, or HOA

The following tools and resources provide information regarding wildfire mitigation for homebuilders, developers, and homeowners' associations.

The University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Builders Wildfire Mitigation Guide Logo with beige background and orange letteringInsurance Institute for Business & Home Safety Logo to the left side, Blue box with Best Practices Guide for Wildfire - Commercial Properties in white textHome Builder's Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones blue text on white backgroundNavy blue tree logo that represents the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Forest Stewardship document series

The Builder’s Wildfire Mitigation Guide provides an overview of building materials and considerations to take into account when building in a wildfire prone area.


The Commercial Properties - Practices Guide for Wildfire provides background information and describes a coupled approach to addressing wildfire hazards, which deals with both the building and surrounding vegetation.

The Home Builder’s Guide to Construction in Wildfire Zones, created by FEMA, provides information about wildfire behavior and recommendations for building design and construction methods in the wildland/urban interface. Implementation of the recommended design and construction methods can greatly increase the chances of a building’s survival in a wildfire.

The Home Survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Building Materials and Design Considerations published by The University of California, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, offers an extensive overview of the building materials and design considerations that should go into building and retrofitting a fire-resistant structure.
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