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National Resilience Guidance

Cover page of the National Resilience Guidance: A Collaborative Approach to Building Resilience April 2024 - National Engagement Draft

Seeking Your Feedback

We are seeking feedback on the draft National Resilience Guidance from whole community stakeholders. Starting April 23, you have an opportunity to review the draft Guidance and provide comments for our consideration prior to finalizing the Guide.

Learn how to submit your feedback.

National resilience is a complex topic and building it requires whole community effort. This Guidance will help everyone understand and fulfill their critical roles related to increasing national resilience. With the goal of increasing community and national resilience, the Guidance:

  • Promotes a common understanding of resilience.
  • Emphasizes the critical relationship between chronic community stressors and shocks.
  • Addresses the roles of all stakeholders.
  • Provides an actionable approach to resilience planning and implementation.
  • Incorporates a community resilience maturity model that walks through concrete steps to build resilience.

The National Resilience Guidance emphasizes that strengthening resilience requires a collective approach. Addressing resilience from only one perspective or through only one lens will not be successful. Equally true is the need to consider the interdependence of all facets of resilience such as climate, ecosystem, social, economic, infrastructure, and disaster resilience. The National Resilience Guidance has been informed by FEMA’s ongoing engagement with whole community stakeholders.

How to Submit Feedback

Attend a Webinar

FEMA will host a series of four 60-minute webinar sessions to discuss the draft National Resilience Guidance and to gather feedback from whole community partners. The sessions will include facilitated discussions with stakeholders to help improve the existing draft.

To learn more and register for the webinars, visit our event page.

Register Online

Use the Feedback Form

Download a line numbered version of the draft National Resilience Guidance to provide comments on specific sections. Use the feedback form to provide your comments by May 23, 2024.

Email feedback or any questions to

Download the Guidance

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Download Feedback Form

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National Resilience Guidance Development

With the complexity of this topic and the need to create a truly whole community effort to increase resilience, we are committed to engaging with a broad range of stakeholders to inform development of the National Resilience Guidance and resources. As part of the development of the draft, we conducted over 80 meetings with federal and non-federal partners, as well as multiple listening sessions with over 1,000 participants from across the whole community—representing numerous disciplines, sectors, levels of government, communities, and individuals.

Through these discussions, we gathered input on a range of topics, such as what actions and partnerships are needed to increase national resilience, the roles and responsibilities of whole community stakeholders, innovative approaches for successful resilience planning, and the resources needed to help the whole community understand and execute their roles. 

We will publish the final version of the National Resilience Guidance in the Summer 2024. We will continue to engage the whole community as we continue to develop resilience resources.

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If you’d like to share your ideas and thoughts on resilience, or your resilience story and journey towards resilience, email us at

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