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BRIC Direct Technical Assistance

Who is Eligible

How to Apply

Direct Technical Assistance (DTA) can provide holistic planning support at the earliest stages to communities that may not have the capacity to start on their own.

FEMA will provide support for both project or application-specific needs and community-wide resilience needs for up to 36 months. FEMA can connect communities with experienced mentors who provide support and lessons learned.

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FY 2021 Non-Financial Direct Technical Assistance Communities

This year, FEMA received more than 100 letters for non-financial Direct Technical Assistance. These efforts help communities sustain successful mitigation programs, submit high-quality grant applications to reduce disaster damage and carry out risk-reduction projects.

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Who Is Eligible

  • Cities
  • Townships
  • Counties
  • Special District Governments

  • Tribal Governments
  • Federally Recognized Tribal Nations
  • Non-federally Recognized Tribal Governments

Timeline showing the BRIC milestones
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How to Apply

Communities submit one letter of interest that is no more than two pages.

What to Include in the Letter

Although there is no required format for the letter of interest, please include the following and any other information supporting the request:

  • A description of the community’s interest and need to improve capacity and capability to conduct mitigation activities, increase the community’s resilience, or identify projects to improve the community’s resilience and reduce risk.
  • The extent of the community’s capacity to assist and participate in the DTA activity and the staff available to commit to participate in the activity.
  • Proposed deliverables and timelines, including duration of technical assistance.
  • Community point of contact information, including name, position, email, address, phone.
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The two-page letters of interest are due in January of each year.

There is no requirement for either a previous BRIC grant subapplication or award or an approved hazard mitigation plan to be considered for DTA.

How Assistance is Prioritized

FEMA will review each letter of interest and may prioritize assistance for communities that:

  • Have not received a project subaward under BRIC, the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) grant program, the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant program, or the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) within the past five years.
  • Have not received an Advance Assistance or capability- and capacity-building subaward under BRIC, PDM, FMA, or HMGP within the past five years.
  • Are tribal entities.
  • Are designated as economically disadvantaged rural communities (please include documentation to illustrate this designation with the letter of interest) or a disadvantaged community as referenced in Executive Order 14008, Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home, including tribal nations.
  • Have demonstrated a compelling need (communities with significant disadvantaged populations, communities with multiple major disaster declarations within the past five years, etc.)
  • For more information on DTA, please review the Program Support Material (PSM).