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Mike O'Hare

Mike O'Hare
Regional Administrators

Regional Administrator

Michael O’Hare was appointed Regional Administrator of FEMA Region 10 in December 2017.  As Regional Administrator, O’Hare is responsible for the direction and leadership of FEMA’s emergency management efforts in support of the states of Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the 271 Federally Recognized Tribes and Alaska Native Villages within the region.  These efforts include delivering FEMA’s National Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Hazard Mitigation programs in concert with partners from all levels of government, volunteer- and faith-based groups, and the private sector.  O’Hare brings to the Regional Administrator position his experience leading emergency management operations, especially working with rural communities to help address their unique challenges.

Prior to joining FEMA, O’Hare served nearly 10 years with the State of Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, most recently as the Director of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  During his tenure as Director, he determined policies and response operations with the Governor, the Adjutant General, Legislature, Congressional delegation and local jurisdictions.  O’Hare also led Alaska in crisis management roles, serving as State Coordinating Officer for state and federal disasters, and multiple full-scale and functional exercises of national significance.

O’Hare also served the State of Alaska as Acting Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs.  His earlier career with the State includes serving as a Legislative Aide in the Alaska State Legislature and managing Information Technology in the State of Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency.

O’Hare holds a bachelor’s degree from Southampton College, Long Island University, in Southampton, New York. He is also a 2012 graduate of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative Executive Education Program at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.