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Office of Chief Security Officer

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive and values-based security services, programs and activities designed to protect FEMA personnel, facilities, information and equipment, and to mitigate the risk of loss to the government due to fraudulent activities.

What We Do

  • Our Personnel Security Division evaluates background investigations for employees and contractors. We receive, verify and process all public trust and national security personnel actions. Our office adjudicates Office of Personnel Management investigations.
  • Our Field Security Division verifies that security procedures are applied across the agency. We are responsible for printing and revoking badges, granting and removing access to physical access control systems, credential management, courier cards, DHS PCIF audits, door audits, video surveillance reviews, fingerprinting and sponsorship of applicants. We also train FEMA regional security officers. We also select, train and supervise disaster security workers and conduct risk assessments for FEMA facilities.
  • Our Security Compliance Division advances and maintains secure and effective operations and programs ensuring FEMA programs comply with policies pertaining to the administration of classified national security information. We conduct security assistance visits and security compliance reviews of FEMA’s regional offices.
  • Our office manages FEMA’s National Industrial Security Program overseeing all classified contracts. We also inspect and accredit all collateral secure rooms and coordinate with DHS accreditation of sensitive compartmented information facilities.
  • We oversee FEMA’s Special Access Program, Insider Threat Program, Operations Security, Controlled Unclassified Information, Sensitive but Unclassified, Sensitive Security Information and clearance management programs for the Department of Energy and North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  Also, our office coordinates and mitigates risks from foreign entities by overseeing the Counterintelligence, Foreign Gift Inspection, Foreign Access Management and Foreign Travel programs.
  • Our Fraud Investigations & Inspections Division works to prevent and investigate fraud, waste, and abuse of FEMA program and funds. Additionally, we conduct reviews of FEMA programs to ensure internal controls are in place to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse.  Our office detects, prevents, mitigates and recoups fraudulent losses of federal funds and/or assets through fraud awareness and prevention training, data analytical research, investigations and we maintain a proactive partnership with the DHS Office of Inspector General pursuant to DHS or FEMA regulation or policy.  
  • Our Business Management Operations verifies adequate internal controls. We review all correspondence prepared for internal and external executives’ signatures, ensuring compliance with required standards. Our office manages property accountability and verifies that workspace is used efficiently. We also support employee development and training. 

Contact Us

Tami Franklin
Deputy Chief Security Officer