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Partnerships, Resource Leveraging, and Working with Contractors

Guides, Reports and Tools

Restoring Regional Economies in the Wake of a Disaster: A Special Report from the NADO Research Foundation on the Role of Regional Development Organizations in Post-Disaster Economic Recovery: This report focuses on the role of regional development organizations in the long-term post-disaster economic recovery process.

Planning and Building Livable, Safe & Sustainable Communities: The Patchwork Quilt Approach: A guide and conceptual approach for crafting hazard mitigation strategies and leveraging technical assistance resources and programs.

Effective Coordination of Recovery Resources for State, Tribal, Territorial and Local Incidents: This recovery coordination guide outlines best practices and approaches for states, tribes, and territories to help enable a more effective recovery for local communities after an incident of any size or scale.

A Seat at the Table for Non-Disaster Organizations: This article offers examples of how religious organizations, schools, and private business can provide resources and assistance in recovery.

Working with Contractors

Guides and Tools

GSA Contracting programs and resources: This provides a list of programs for state and local governments offered by the General Service Administration (GSA)

Case Studies

Contracts and Procurement: Provides an example of how one city used its procurement and contractual policies and procedures to recover from a disaster event.