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Preparedness Grants Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation (EHP) Compliance

As a federal agency, DHS/FEMA is required to consider the effects of its actions on the environment and historic properties to ensure that all activities and programs funded by DHS/FEMA, including grant-funded projects, comply with Federal EHP regulations, laws, and Executive Orders, as applicable. The EHP review process must be completed before funds are released to carry out the proposed project; otherwise, DHS/FEMA may not be able to fund the project. Recipients and subrecipients proposing projects that could impact the environment, including, but not limited to, the construction of communication towers, modification or renovation of existing buildings, structures, and facilities, or new construction including replacement of facilities, must participate in the DHS/FEMA EHP review process.

Grant recipients and subrecipients must use the GPD EHP Screening Form to submit a detailed project description along with supporting documentation, so GPD EHP staff can determine whether the proposed project has the potential to impact environmental resources or historic properties.

Questions about the GPD EHP review process can be sent to the GPD EHP inbox at

Additionally, all recipients and subrecipients receiving funding under a program covered by this Manual are required to comply with DHS/FEMA EHP Policy Guidance, FEMA Policy #108 (closed)-023-1.