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FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO)

FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO) is a new grants management system that will support FEMA grants programs. The system allows users to apply, track, and manage all disaster and non-disaster grants. It also improves oversight and monitoring.

FEMA GO is continually being developed by the Grants Management Modernization (GMM) initiative, which is transforming the way we manage grants through modernization and consolidation of existing grant programs into one system.


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FEMA GO is being rolled out across FEMA grant programs. Currently, FEMA GO is the grants management system for:

Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program uses FEMA GO as the system for applying for and managing its FY 2019, FY2020 and FY 2021 grants, including Fire Prevention & Safety grants, and Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response grants.

FEMA GO User Guides - Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants

FEMA GO is the system for applying for and managing non-disaster Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant programs from FY 2020 and forward, including Building Resilient Infrastructures and Communities (BRIC) and Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA).

FEMA GO User Guides - Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grants


Why is FEMA building a new system for grants management?

The current various grant processes rely on multiple systems operating on multiple platforms, each utilizing different technologies that are non-standard, and many of the platforms are no longer supported by the vendors. The capabilities and data elements are also duplicated multiple times,  and the individual systems have continued to evolve independently. The current grants management processes and systems do not provide data transparency and require users to create spreadsheets and ad hoc tools or workarounds to get the required views.

What planned capabilities will be built into FEMA GO?

FEMA GO is being built to perform all business functions that fall within all five phases of the Grants Management Lifecycle: Pre-Award, Award, Post-Award, Closeout and PostCloseout. Essentially, any functionalities that are needed to complete grant work will fall within the scope of this initiative.

How is FEMA GO being developed?

FEMA is developing FEMA GO through a user-centered, business-driven approach. As functionality is built, groups of grant users will test and validate what’s built prior to it being released in the system. FEMA has facilitated multiple working groups, user research interviews, and outreach sessions that all keep stakeholders informed and include them in the planning efforts around development.

What is happening to the other Grants systems?

The previous Grants systems’ functionalities and business processes will be modernized and developed in FEMA GO and the systems will be decommissioned once FEMA GO is at full operating status. The Grants Management Modernization team will help inform and transition all FEMA personnel and stakeholders from the legacy systems to the new system, FEMA GO in close collaboration with programs impacted.

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