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Tropical Storm Florence Lifelines

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As of 7 a.m. EDT, September 20, 2018

“Thousands of survivors will be calling upon us to assist them in their greatest time of need and FEMA’s workforce will be there for our nation.” – FEMA Administrator Brock Long


Safety and Security Lifeline Icon

Safety & Security

Search and rescue teams continue to rescue survivors and pets, and assist with evacuations. Multiple residential areas are experiencing flooding, or are predicted to have flooding in the next few days due to river overflow.

Food,Water,Sheltering Icon Food,Water,Sheltering

Food, Water, Sheltering

American Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations deployed more than 3,000 people and equipment to support sheltering and feeding operations, as thousands still remain in shelters. More than 200 shelters are open in the Carolinas.

Medical Icon

Health & Medical

Health and Human Services deployed more than 500 medical and public health personnel who are treating sick or injured survivors and helping with disease prevention. Ambulances and interstate (Emergency Management Assistance Compact) resources are supporting mission requirements.

Energy (Power and Fuel) Lifeline Icon Energy (Power and Fuel)

Energy (Power & Fuel)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have pre-positioned or installed more than 180 generators to support temporary power missions. More than 40,000 power workers were mobilized to assist with power restoration efforts.  

Communications wave Communications


FEMA disaster emergency communications capabilities are working in the impacted areas; 12 Mobile Response Support team and 26 mobile communication office vehicles are deployed in the Carolinas. Cable TV and broadband internet outages are being reported in impacted communities.

Transportation trunk with the text Transportation under it


Many roads are either closed or impassible in flooded areas. All major airports in the Carolinas are fully open. Federal maritime assets are supporting supply delivery to isolated communities in North Carolina. Rail service in some areas remains suspended.

Hazardous Waste IconHazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

U.S. Coast Guard deployed 17 National Strike Force members for hazmat assistance. Impact assessments are underway for impacted hog and poultry production facilities.  Debris clearance teams continue working in impacted areas. 

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