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Frequently Asked Questions About Doing Business with FEMA

If you'd like to do business with FEMA, we have tips and resources to help find opportunities.

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About:

Vendor Profile Form

What is the Vendor Profile Form used for?

The Vendor Profile Form can serve as a secondary market research or vendor presentation meeting resource. Information supplied should not be proprietary or sensitive in nature. Information should be specific about how your product(s) and/or service(s) can support FEMA’s mission.

Is there a cost for submitting a vendor profile form?

There is no cost associated with submitting a Vendor Profile Form. The form is used to assist in secondary market research and is voluntary.  

Do I need to submit a Vendor Profile Form to have a meeting?

Yes. You do need to submit a Vendor Profile Form to request a meeting. The Vendor Profile Form allows you to provide detail as to how your commodity/service can support the FEMA mission prior to a meeting. There is no guarantee of a meeting, however your capabilities will be shared with the appropriate FEMA program.


Do I need to submit a vendor profile form to bid on a contract?

No. You do not need a Vendor Profile Form to bid on a contract, but you do need to be registered in SAM.gov. Please be specific about how your product(s) and/or service(s) can support FEMA’s mission.

How do I find...?

Prepositioned, or "Advanced," Contracts

Debris Removal Contracts

Forecast of Future DHS Opportunities

If I meet with a FEMA representative, will I get a FEMA contract?

Meeting with a FEMA program representative does NOT imply or guarantee you a contract of any kind. Vendor presentation meetings are used as a form of market research.

What if my capabilities don’t seem to fully satisfy the requirements of a solicitation?

If you are strong in one business area, but inexperienced in another, find a subcontractor or teaming partner who can compensate in your areas of weakness.

How can I get help with developing my company?

Please look into the DHS Mentor-Protege Program.

SAM.gov Registration

Who do I contact if I am having a problem registering in SAM.gov?

Call the Federal Service Desk at 1-866-606-8220. You may also contact your local APTAC. You can find your local Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC) representative.

How do I submit unsolicited proposals at FEMA?

Please send an email to fema-ocpo-unsolicited-proposal@fema.dhs.gov. You can also visit DHS's webpage to find additional contacts related to the unsolicited proposal process, or learn about the Federal Acquisition Regulations related to unsolicited proposals.

What is the Federal Business Opportunities website?

The Federal Business Opportunities website, formerly FBO.gov, has been moved to beta.SAM.gov and is now known as Contract Opportunities. Beta.SAM.gov is now the authoritative location for finding contract opportunities. It is a free web-based portal which allows vendors to review Federal Procurement Opportunities over $25,000. You will also find subcontractor, award notifications, supplier and teaming opportunities on beta.SAM.gov.

Direct all questions regarding the use of beta.sam.gov to the Federal Service Desk (FSD) at 1-866-606-8220.

Small Businesses

Who do I contact about Small Business questions?

Please send an email to our Small Business Specialist.

You can also visit the Small Business Administration website for additional information to help your business.


How do I...?

Become a FEMA-approved transportation service provider

Find the required forms for Tender of Service Program

What is LSCM System?

LSCMS stands for Logistics Supply Chain Management System. It provides the platform for the initial request for assets and commodities to FEMA and partners, transportation tracking, inventory management at FEMA locations, shipment and receipt by the state’s situational awareness and in- transit visibility.

What is LSCMS-C?

The Logistics Supply Chain Management System Cloud (LSCMS-C) is the internet-based software system that FEMA uses to manage certain transportation functions.

Other Resources

About the Industry Liaison Program

Information about doing business with FEMA is managed by our Industry Liaison Program (ILP), which establishes strategic relationships with vendors and stakeholders; serves as an information provider for vendors seeking to do business with FEMA; connects vendors with program offices in support of FEMA’s mission; and facilitates vendor outreach within the 10 FEMA regions.

For inquiries related to doing business with FEMA, please contact the FEMA Industry Liaison Program.