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Data and Reports

Data and information sharing help us provide assistance where it is needed most. We are working with federal partners to prioritize resources and inform private sector decisions on distributing supplies.
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Initial Assessment Report

FEMA’s Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Initial Assessment Report evaluates FEMA’s COVID-19 response operations. The report identifies key findings and provides targeted recommendations.

Data Sources

Community Mitigation Decision Support Tool

This tool puts the data for each metric in the President’s Guidelines for Opening Up America Again in one place. Officials can easily view their influenza- and coronavirus-like illnesses, case and death data, as well as a range of information on hospital capacity to determine whether community mitigation should be adjusted. Government officials can apply for an account to access.

FEMA's COVID-19 Geospatial Resource Center

Our Geospatial Resource Center provides a central location for authoritative data, maps and applications from our federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partners.

Find COVID-19 response resources related to the vaccination effort and the nation’s response to this pandemic.

Diagnosed Cases

The Center for Disease Control is the best source for the latest data and graphs related to the number of cases reported at the state and national levels.

Testing and Patients

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) asked hospital administrators across the country to provide daily data reports on testing, capacity and utilization, and patient flows to support the public health response. Read the letter from HHS Secretary Azar to hospital administrators.

U.S. Census Bureau’s COVID-19 Site

The U.S. Census Bureau’s COVID-19 Site: provides dashboards, tools and references organized for ease of access, as well as up-to-date statistics from a variety of economic sectors. The Additional Datasets page offers a portal to a full range of public governmental, nonprofit and private sector data sources across recovery issues. 

Argonne National Laboratory’s COVID-19 Impact Analyses Site

Argonne National Laboratory’s COVID-19 Impact Analyses Site: provides several indices, data sources, and analytic insight to long-term recovery issues that states, localities, tribes, and territories continue to face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site includes analyses such as a County Economic Impact Index, State and Local Government Revenue Vulnerability Indices, Housing Stability Index, Internet Access Index, and the County High-level Economic Recovery and Resilience Index.

Right Help, Right Place, Right Time

FEMA is working with HHS and other partners to ensure limited supplies of critical protective and lifesaving equipment are in the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity. Our priority is getting equipment to areas that have high virus case counts and high fatality rates.

Prioritizing Where Supplies Go

We are working with the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council to prioritize where the federal government and private sector companies distribute critical supplies and equipment.

Federal personnel, healthcare officials and the public health sector use the latest CDC guidance and data to provide expert recommendations on priority locations.