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Hazus Software

The Hazus program provides data, independent analytical tools, and software that runs within Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop platform. Separate tools include the Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) and several open-source modules that simplify risk analysis, data exports, and reporting. Hazus data include  statewide baseline inventories for buildings, essential facilities and infrastructure. Users are encouraged to replace baseline inventory data with any local information that is more accurate.

For detailed instructions on how to download and install Hazus, please read the download instructions below and watch the Hazus training video tutorials.

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Download Latest Version

Download the latest version of Hazus, service packs, and state datasets from the FEMA Map Service Center.

Hazus software and state datasets are available free of charge. For any issues accessing Hazus program resources, please contact the Hazus Team or watch our videos on how to download and install Hazus.

Please read the User Release Notes to learn more about the latest version of Hazus.

Hazus Independent Tools

Comprehensive Data Management System

CDMS provides Hazus users with the ability to update baseline inventory datasets with local information, which increases the accuracy of a risk assessment in Hazus. Inventory data can be stored at the building level or aggregated across census blocks or tracks for more generalized analysis. CDMS helps ensure updated data imported into Hazus is formatted correctly for risk analysis, and it allows users to query, sort, and export inventory information.

When users download Hazus software, CDMS is automatically downloaded and installed. For more information, watch the CDMS training videos:

Hazus Open Source Tools

The Hazus program provides  open source tools designed for a variety of risk analysis tasks and  available on the Hazus MSC page . These tools are simple to use and do not require coding experience. However, they are developed using HazPy, the Hazus Python Package, which can be customized and extended by users with python coding experience to create new tools.

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Users can notify the Hazus Team about issues or enhancement suggestions for specific tools by emailing the Hazus Team.