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Tech Sector Collaboration

This page is intended for technology organizations to provide you an overview of the Program, frequently asked questions, and online trainings.


Technologies that enable communications, decision-making, and situational awareness are now essential to effective emergency management. The Tech Sector Collaboration (Program), includes the program formerly known as Tech Corps, resolves critical challenges experienced during federally declared disasters through innovative applications of technology in support of state, local, tribal and territorial governments and survivors.

By coordinating private sector and nongovernmental organizations capable of providing voluntary expertise and resources during disasters through three Technology and Innovation Advisors on FEMA’s national Incident Management Assistance Teams and the National Business Emergency Operations Center, identified technology gaps can be matched with recognized organizations to build a national network of skilled technology volunteers.

The Program enables trained technology volunteers within capable organizations to complement ongoing disaster response and recovery by working with state, local, tribal and territorial governments to:

  • Install temporary networks;

  • Enable internet connectivity, and telephone and radio communications;

  • Provide other support, such as geographic information system (GIS) capacity, coding, and data analytics. 

    In June 2015, Cisco Systems, Google, Humanity Road, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, Intel, Joint Communications Task Force and Microsoft signed Memoranda of Understanding with FEMA. The public-private partnership brings technology organizations already contributing to disaster support and assists in the coordination of that effort.

    Since then, a series of tabletop exercises, activations in disasters, and planning events are creating the foundation for expansion and integration of new members into FEMA’s broader collaboration with the tech sector at large.


Who can be part of the Program? 

The Program is open to organizations capable of providing trained technology volunteers or voluntary capabilities throughout the United States.  While it is especially appropriate for technology organizations, other private sector organizations can also support by providing trained volunteers with technological skills and capabilities.

Where does the Program operate? 

The Program supports state, local, tribal and territorial governments. FEMA coordinates with Program members operating in states or jurisdictions within the United States that have received a major disaster or emergency declaration from the President.

How do I get involved? 

The Tech Sector Collaboration Program Memoranda of Understanding offers organizations an opportunity to participate in a formal collaboration with FEMA. Each Memoranda of Understanding is tailored to fit the member organization’s unique set of capabilities that it can provide to support a disaster on a voluntary basis.  If your organization is capable of providing trained volunteers or capabilities, please contact us at

Required Training

Understanding the fundamentals of disaster response and recovery is important for anyone who wants to participate effectively as part of the disaster response and recovery team. The links below include free, online training needed to build the capability within technology volunteers to be ready for activation in support of a Stafford Act Disaster.

Emergency Management Overview

For more information regarding the Tech Sector Collaboration Program, contact us at See additional Tech Sector Collaboration Fact Sheet.

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