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Submission of Request for Public Assistance by Applicant

The Request for Public Assistance is FEMA's official application form that public and Private Nonprofit organizations use to apply for disaster assistance. It is a simple, short form with self-contained instructions. "The Request" (FEMA form 90-49) asks for general information which identifies the applicant, starts the grant process and opens the Case Management File, which contains general claim information as well as records of meetings, conversations, phone messages and any special issues or concerns that may affect funding.

The Request must be submitted to the Regional Administrator within 30 days after designation of the area where the damage occurred. The form may be delivered in person at the Applicants' Briefing, sent by mail, faxed.


  • For Grantees: Request for Federal Assistance Core Form SF-424

  • For SubGrantees: Request for Public Assistance Form 90-49

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