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Steps For the Assignment of Coverage D - Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage

The steps below are intended to inform a policyholder under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) how to complete an assignment of the Increase Cost of Compliance (ICC)-Coverage D claim payment to the community.

  1. Policyholder consents to the assignment of the ICC claim payment.
  2. The community official will provide the policyholder with an Assignment of Coverage D Form.
  3. The policyholder signs the form and provides the signed form to the community official.
  4. The community official sends a copy of the completed form, along with the community's signed declaration of substantial damage to the NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent at the following address:

    NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent
    8400 Corporate Drive, Suite 350
    Landover, MD 20785
  5. NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent maintains a database of the ICC information submitted by the community. The Bureau then sends the documents to the appropriate WYO company, with instructions. The company will then assign an adjuster.
  6. The assigned adjuster contacts the policyholder to advise s/he has the claim and contacts the local community official to coordinate and help complete the claim.
  7. The adjuster receives/reviews the contract for demolition, elevation, relocation or floodproofing to determine the cost.
  8. The adjuster has the community official sign the proof of loss once the claim value has been determined.
  9. The adjuster sends the final report, along with the Proof of Loss to the insurance company for payment.
  10. The insurance company issues the check to the community and advises the NFIP Bureau & Statistical Agent of the amount of the claim payment.
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