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Start and Maintain a Community Emergency Response Team Program

On this page, users can learn how to begin a new CERT program in their community, as well as how to effectively manage an existing program. In addition to a guide on how to start and maintain a CERT program, this section will also feature links to subpages particularly useful for CERT instructors and program managers. From this page, users will be able to find materials to help them plan and organize CERT drills and exercises, training materials (including participant manuals, instructor guides, and slide decks for the basic training, train-the-trainer course, program manager course, and supplemental modules), training videos that demonstrate proper techniques described in the CERT curriculum, and guides for program managers to help them address challenges and make the most of opportunities they may encounter in maintaining a CERT program, including a liability guide.

Download the Starting and Maintaining a CERT Program document.

The document includes the following:

Starting a CERT Program

  • CERT Overview
  • CERT Roles
  • Step 1: Assessing Needs
  • Step 2: Identifying Resources
  • Step 3: Gaining Support and Recruiting
  • Step 4: Acquiring Training Materials
  • Step 5: Tailoring Training
  • Step 6: Establishing a Training Cadre
  • Step 7: Delivering Training

Maintaining a CERT Program

  • Step 1: Communicating with Volunteers
  • Step 2: Maintaining Partnerships
  • Step 3: Planning Continuing Training
  • Step 4: Maintaining Records
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