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Stacey Street

Stacey Street - Official PortraitA member of the Senior Executive Service, Ms. Street serves as the Director for Grant Operations within FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate (GPD).  She is responsible for leading a team of seven GS-15 Branch Chiefs and 75 employees, and is accountable for the proper administration of over 3,500 annual grant awards and 5,000 open awards, spanning multiple grant programs worth approximately $10.5 billion. Ms. Street is the lead agency executive responsible for implementing multiple grant administration priorities, including but not limited to the development of Agency-wide policies and procedures; expansion of grants-related training and technical assistance; development of a Grants Management Specialist Incident Workforce; and establishment of a grants Closeout Branch.

Prior to this position, Ms. Street oversaw GPD’s newly-established Program Support Division.  In this capacity, Ms. Street was responsible for consolidating previously-disparate and duplicative information management, training, and system-based services, and transforming these services into strategically-coordinated, robust, proactive, and predictable assistance.  Prior to this position, Ms. Street served as the Branch Chief for Program Development and Information Management (PDIM).  In that capacity, Ms. Street was responsible for leading and managing her team and their associated efforts in order to help ensure success in the development, allocation methodology, and application review processes of 14+ competitive and noncompetitive grant programs, totaling over $3 billion annually in homeland security preparedness grant awards to hundreds of State, local, tribal, and nonprofit grant recipients.  These efforts required very strong and collaborative relationships with a multitude of stakeholders, including grantees themselves; Federal Departments and Agencies; personnel from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and National Security Council (NSC) Staff; and congressional staff members from both the House and Senate. 

Ms. Street also served as the Section Chief for the GPD Eastern Branch, as well as the Preparedness Officer for Delaware, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and Alabama, and the Urban Area cities of Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Memphis.  In these capacities she provided strategic, programmatic, and grants management leadership and guidance to team members, States and Urban Areas.

Ms. Street began her career working as a consultant for Research Planning, Inc. and Booz Allen Hamilton.  With RPI, she provided on-site support to FEMA Headquarters, assisting in the creation, conduct, and analyses of qualitative and quantitative studies focusing on State terrorism preparedness.  She also supported the Department of Defense as a Program Analyst, where she held responsibility for the development and execution of over 50 tabletop and full-scale weapons of mass destruction (WMD) exercises in over 35 cities.  With Booz Allen Hamilton, she provided on-site policy support to the Director of the Office of State and Local Government Coordination at the newly-established DHS Headquarters.

Ms. Street holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from George Mason University, and a Bachelor of Arts – Government degree from the University of Virginia. 

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