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Section K: Summary and Cost of Potential Impacts

The purpose of this section is to be sure that you have identified as many environmental and historic preservation project impacts and compliance requirements as possible that might be associated with your project in Sections A through J.

You should have identified these requirements through analysis of the type of project you are proposing and the location of your proposed project, as well as through discussions with the appropriate Federal, State, or local regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the potential resources at that location.

Once potential impacts have been identified, you should have considered alternatives that would avoid or minimize these impacts. If alternatives for avoidance were not available, you should have considered treatment measures that could satisfactorily address the adverse effect. The details of the treatment measures should be carefully documented in the scope of work section as well as in the appropriate environmental and historic preservation section. Finally, you should have documented the costs of each treatment measure with a separate line item for the measure in the cost section of the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) application. There were discussions of typical adverse effects and potential treatment measures in Sections A, B, C, D, E and H to assist you in consideration of how they may apply to your proposed project.

 K: Summary and Cost of Potential Impacts ( TXT13KB)


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