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Sea Bright Firehouse

Sea Bright Firehouse

Settlement in the area of Sea Bright began in the early 1840s, with a fishing community of simple shacks near the beach dunes.  As Sea Bright grew, a nearby firehouse was needed to contend with large, wooden structures of the day.  In 1881, the Sea Bright Fire Department opened, dependent on 15 volunteer firemen and horse-drawn trucks.  In 1955, Sea Bright Fire Rescue was erected in downtown Sea Bright. To this day it remains an all-volunteer, but it will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to keep residents safe.

Floodwaters, high winds, and wave action from Hurricane Sandy resulted in structural damage to the firehouse.  Inspection by FEMA discovered multiple, unstable structural problems and the Sea Bright code enforcement department condemned the building.

Currently, a new facility is being constructed very near the former firehouse and police department, combining multiple municipal buildings.  This structure will incorporate all pre-existing critical functions of the firehouse and elevate it over garage bays, 15 feet above-grade.  The Emergency Response Complex will be a 2 story building, with approximately 11,576 sf, fitted with 5 service bays along the street side.   The new complex will also house the police department, Department of Public Works, administration offices, Borough-shared space, and public-use space. 

FEMA provided $2.9 million in funding to support the replacement of the building with a combined facility elevated to meet 500-year floodplain codes and standards under NFIP. 

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