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New Mexico - Animas Watershed

Base Level Engineering
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San Juan County, NM
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Project Information:  The State of New Mexico Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP), Earth Data Analysis Center, in coordination with the New Mexico Department of  Homeland Security and Emergency Management is preparing a Base Level Engineering watershed assessment for the portions of the Animas watershed in the State of New Mexico.

FEMA is currently preparing cursory flood hazard analysis at a watershed basis to support the assessment of the flood hazard data shown on their Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). The Base Level Engineering watershed assessment uses high resolution ground elevation data, calculates high level flood flow estimations, and prepares hydraulic modeling to determine how natural water courses convey the predicted flood and defines estimated flood extents. The analysis is made available to local communities and State entities who assist FEMA in the administration of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

This assessment is based on current conditions is informed by readily available land use data, providing valuable flood risk information for a number of streams that are currently not included in FEMA’s flood inventory. This effort provides flood hazard data for the 1-percent annual chance flood event, providing data that can be used for local planning and development and in advance of a FIRM update.

Base Level Engineering information DOES NOT replace the information shown on any current effective FIRM panel in a community.  The Base Level Engineering is used by the FEMA Regional office and by its CTPs to assess the current validity of the existing flood hazard inventory.  This data may be used by local community officials where the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) may not have flood risk information coverage.

To allow individuals, communities, States and Federal entities an opportunity to engage with the Base Level Engineering watershed assessment results, FEMA developed the Estimated Base Flood Elevation (BFE) Viewer. The viewer provides an estimated flood risk (high, moderate, low), returns site specific estimated flood elevations and flood depths.

The interactive viewer can be accessed at

A Discovery effort was previously undertaken (July 2016) in the project area, additional information about the project area is available in the Discovery Report below.

Dates: Data is currently in preparation and will be made available through the Estimated BFE Viewer.

Project Meetings: Congressional Briefing (07/15/2016), Pre-Discovery Webinar (07/20/2016), Discovery (07/28/2016)

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