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During an April 2008 Region III Regional Advisory Council (RAC) meeting, RAC members identified Community Preparedness as a regional priority. After further deliberation, members decided to focus their efforts on improving Community Preparedness in two areas—(1) preparing families through youth emergency preparedness education, and (2) improvement of planning and outreach with special needs populations.

In order to advance these goals toward building a culture of preparedness in Region III, RAC members formed a subcommittee called the Community Preparedness Advisory Team (CPAT). This team, along with dedicated subject matter experts and FEMA staff, are working to enhance capabilities in Region III through the development of the following projects:

Youth Emergency Preparedness Education

Youth Emergency Preparedness Education Resources 

With the assistance of the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security and RAC CPAT, FEMA Region III staff have developed this compendium of youth emergency preparedness education resources for the emergency management community, making it publicly accessible.

Youth Emergency Preparedness Education Research

Led by the University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security, RAC CPAT and subject matter experts conducted research exploring the history and current status of youth emergency preparedness education efforts across the country.  The resulting document, which will be posted to this page when finalized, summarizes both national and state-level efforts and attempts to provide recommendations for furthering youth emergency preparedness education.

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