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Welcome from Patrick Massey, Region X NP Director

The mission of the Region 10 National Preparedness (NP) Division is to build a culture of preparedness and increase capabilities across the public safety and homeland security community by working with local and state governments, our Federal interagency partners, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, citizens, and internally within FEMA, to reduce the loss of life and economic loss caused by all-hazards disasters throughout the Region 10 area of responsibility.  The overarching NP Division goal is to build an integrated preparedness system throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska that links together local, state, tribal, and Federal emergency management and public safety institutions via coordinated implementation of the Assess, Plan, Train, Equip, Organize, and Exercise preparedness cycle.

Exercise Planning and Coordination

Coordinate the design and planning of Federal interagency and Federal-State all-hazards exercises to include management of the Regional Exercise Support Program (RESP) and the establishment of interagency exercise objectives.


Institute internal training for Regional Full-Time and Disaster Assistance Employees, and coordinate external training with our State partners and others via FEMA’s main training institutions (EMI, CDP, NDPC).

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Provide training and technical assistance on all aspects of NIMS to include the Incident Command System, Resources Management, and Communications and Information Management.


Analyze and assess homeland security and emergency management capabilities at all levels to inform the implementation of various preparedness programs with the goal of enhancing disaster operational readiness.


Provide technical assistance and guidance on disaster planning doctrine and programs for all levels of government.

Community Preparedness

Develop strategies and programs to increase individual and family disaster preparedness and increase the participation and ability of volunteer disaster surge groups to respond to a crisis.

Continuity Programs

Conduct training and technical planning assistance to improve government agencies’ ability to perform essential public functions post-disaster.

Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program

Ensure the health/safety of citizens surrounding the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant by overseeing a statutorily-mandated radiological emergency planning and exercise regimen and provide technical assistance on fixed nuclear facilities preparedness and radiological/nuclear terrorism response operations.

Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP)

Continue to ensure the health and safety of the citizens surrounding the Umatilla Chemical Depot by overseeing a sophisticated local, tribal, and state emergency preparedness program throughout the protective action zone surrounding the Depot.

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