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Region X: Grants Division

Grants Division

Welcome from Richard Donovan, Region X Grants Division Director

Welcome to the Region X Grant Programs Division. In accordance with FEMA’s mission statement, the Grant Programs Division partners with all Region X divisions and supports Region X award recipients through grant and cooperative agreement financial and administrative management, compliance monitoring and technical assistance.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit us. If you have any comments on how we might improve the information presented, please email Kathy Burke ( or Rob Little (  with the phrase “GPD Website” in the subject line.
Thank you!

Program Management

Kathy Burke (Kathy Burke (, Program Analyst

Drivers’ License Security Grant Program (REAL ID) CFDA 97.089 
Emergency Operations Center CFDA 97.052
Emergency Management Performance Grant CFDA 97.042
Metropolitan Medical Response System CFDA 97.071

Brian Ipsen (, Fire Program Specialist

Assistance to Firefighters Grant CFDA 97.044
Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response CFDA 97.083
Fire Prevention and Safety 
Fire Station Construction Grant (ARRA Program) CFDA 97.115

Non-disaster Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Rob Little (, Grant Management Specialist (Washington & Oregon)
Patricia Contraro (, Grant Management Specialist (Alaska & Idaho)

Flood Mitigation Assistance CFDA 97.029
Pre-disaster Mitigation CFDA 97.047
Repetitive Flood Claims CFDA 97.092
Severe Repetitive Loss CFDA 97.110
Legislative Pre-disaster Mitigation CFDA 97.047
Community Assistance Program – State Support Services Element CFDA 97.023
Cooperating Technical Partners CFDA 97.045
National Dam Safety CFDA 97.041
National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program CFDA 97.082
Earthquake Consortium Program CFDA 97.082
Map Modernization Management Support – Program ended September 30, 2008 CFDA 97.070
Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program CFDA 97.040

Disaster Grants

Dorothy Townsend (, Grants Management Specialist (Alaska & Washington)
Patricia Contraro (, Grants Management Specialist (Idaho & Oregon)

Public Assistance Grant Program CFDA 97.036
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program CFDA 97.039
Individual and Households Grant Program CFDA 97.04897.04997.050
Fire Management Assistance Grant Program CFDA 97.046

Preparedness Grants

Kim Penfold (, Grants Management Specialist (Washington & Idaho)
Jeff James (, Grants Management Specialist (Alaska & Oregon)

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act CFDA 97.11397.11497.11697.11797.118
Buffer Zone Protection Program CFDA 97.078
Citizen Corps Program National Emergency Technology Guard (NET Guard) Pilot Program CFDA 97.053
Competitive Training Grant CFDA 97.068
Drivers’ License Security Grant Program (REAL ID) CFDA 97.089 
Emergency Operations Center CFDA 97.052
Emergency Management Performance Grant CFDA 97.042
Metropolitan Medical Response System CFDA 97.071
Freight Rail Security Grant Program CFDA 97.075
Homeland Security Grant Program CFDA 97.067
Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program CFDA 97.055
Intercity Passenger Rail Security (Amtrak) CFDA 97.075
Intercity Bus Security Grant Program CFDA 97.057
Port Security Grant Program CFDA 97.056
Public Safety Interoperable Communications Program CFDA 97.075
Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program CFDA 97.111
Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program CFDA 97.067
Transit Security Grant Program CFDA 97.075
 Urban Areas Security Initiative Non-Profit Security Grant Program CFDA 97.008
Truck Security Program CFDA 97.059

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