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Region VIII: Journeys - North Dakota's Trail Towards Disaster Resistance

Journeys is a publication highlighting successful mitigation efforts undertaken in the state of North Dakota.

In 2000, the North Dakota Division of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency set out to find out how North Dakotans fared through disasters in their state and what lessons they learned along the way about creating a safer place to live. 

The resulting book, Journeys – North Dakota’s Trail Towards Disaster Resistance, was unveiled at North Dakota’s Emergency Management Conference on February 1, 2001.

  • Entire Book - (PDF 6.13 KB)
  • Front Matter (Cover, Publication information, Preface, Table of Contents with page numbers, Acknowledgments) - (PDF 575 KB)
  • A River Ran Through It – Grand Forks' Journey from Heartache to Hope  - (PDF 390 KB)
  • Home Away from Home... and the River... Brings Peace of Mind for Grand Forks Couple - (PDF 323 KB)
  • Bridging the Gap between Disasters and Freedom - (PDF 205 KB)
  • The Right Prescription... Moving Drayton's Medical Clinic from Danger - (PDF 182 KB)
  • Architect Bill Schoen Takes the High Ground on Disaster Prevention - (PDF 255 KB)
  • Safer, Drier, Higher... Grand Forks County Office Building - (PDF 147 KB)
  • Standing Up to Ol' Man Winter... It's All in How You Plant the Trees - (PDF 263 KB)
  • Fargo Works to Build a Disaster-Resistant City - (PDF 276 KB)
  • New Twist on an Old Tale... Historic Phoenix Building in Grand Forks Rises from the Flood - (PDF 238 KB)
  • Waste Not, Want Not-- Barnes County Makes the Most of Flood-Prone Properties - (PDF 341 KB)
  • Hillsboro Cabin Won't Log Any More Floods - (PDF 235 KB)
  • Mind Your Business... North Dakota Entrepreneur Embraces Disaster-Resistance Measures - (PDF 229 KB)
  • Downtown Corporate Center – A Vision and One Bold Step for Grand Forks - (PDF 246 KB)
  • Buyout Brings New Life to Barnes County House and Property - (PDF 470 KB)
  • Living in Harmony with the Land... North Dakota Tribes Set an Example for Disaster-Resistant Land Management - (PDF 113 KB)
  • An Ounce of Prevention... Building Disaster-Resistant Communities in North Dakota - (PDF 442 KB)
  • Building the Ground Up at Alerus Center in Grand Forks - (PDF 107 KB)
  • Partners in Time Buy Healthy Future for Drayton - (PDF 253 KB)
  • Fortifying Against Future Floods... Grand Forks Water Treatment Plant Leads the Way - (PDF 313 KB)
  • Reshaping the Course of a River's History - (PDF 441 KB)
  • Calming the Storm... Prevention Measures Pay Big Dividends in West Fargo - (PDF 208 KB)
  • Keeping Disasters in Check... A Strong Defense for New Hockey Arena - (PDF 237 KB)
  • Flood Teaches Mekinock Couple A Thing or Two about Prevention - (PDF 213 KB)
  • Drayton Takes a Stand Against Future Floods - (PDF 318 KB)
  • A Flood Won't Stop these Presses... Grand Forks Herald Builds Back Better - (PDF 301 KB)
  • Backyard Defense Keeps the Red Away in Fargo - (PDF 419 KB)
  • Flying High and Dry – Pembina Airport is Better Protected from Floods - (PDF 218 KB)
  • Steaming Ahead with Disaster-Resistant Measures at the University of North Dakota - (PDF 249 KB)
  • Historic Building Booms Again in Downtown Grand Forks - (PDF 147 KB)
  • Celebrating the Past, the Present and the Future – The Grand Forks Town Square - (PDF 331 KB)
  • Bowesmont... The Little Town that Lives in the Heart - (PDF 586 KB)
  • "My Bowesmont" - (PDF 84 KB)
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