Region VIII: Journeys - North Dakota's Trail Towards Disaster Resistance

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Since 1993, North Dakota’s weather has defied imagination.

In 2000, the North Dakota Division of Emergency Management and the Federal Emergency Management Agency set out to find out how North Dakotans fared through disasters in their state and what lessons they learned along the way about creating a safer place to live. 

The resulting book, Journeys – North Dakota’s Trail Towards Disaster Resistance, was unveiled at North Dakota’s Emergency Management Conference on February 1.
"Journeys is a very good first step in helping us attempt to change the culture of emergency management from response to prevention."
– Doug Friez, N.D. Division of Emergency Management Director

"What excites me as a local emergency manager is that this is the first publication that I'm aware of that's done in a storybook fashion, where someone can read a short story of an individual, business or local government and get a number of ideas on how to better protect themselves from the effects of disasters. Anyone who reads this can see that many of these protection measures don't have to cost an arm and a leg but they can make a real difference."
– Glenn Ellingsberg, Cass County Emergency Manager

"For those, like us, who have been through a disaster, these stories show that lives and communities can be rebuilt and that by going a step further, people can be better protected against a future disaster."
– Jim Campbell, Grand Forks County Emergency Manager

"The importance of this project  is to come together to create an opportunity for private landowners to be involved by helping themselves and their neighbors by using a conservation practice that is proven to solve a problem."  (referring to the snow fence initiative)
– Tom Claeys, North Dakota Forest Service

Journeys – North Dakota's Trail Towards Disaster Resistance Online Edition

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