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Region VII: Grants

This page provides information about Region VII Grants Division and the support it provides.  We are FEMA.  Helping People Before, During and After Disasters.  We are FEMA Grants Management Division.
  • Before – We ensure adequate controls are in place and implemented to help us be good stewards of public funds and we educate FEMA staff and provide Program Outreach & TA to potential applicants/recipients on grants administration standards and requirements and program purpose;  
  • During - We award and administer grants, consult with our program partners, provide TA and monitor to gain reasonable assurance on compliance and collect risk data;
  • After – We review and respond to audits and analyze audit, grant administration, and monitoring data in order to determine risk areas that need to be addressed.

What We Do

  1. Provide training and technical assistance to non-federal entities to increase capacity. Non-federal entity means a state, local government, tribal nation, Institution of Higher Education (IHE), or a nonprofit organization that carries out a federal award as a recipient or sub-recipient.
  2.  Provide client services for our FEMA partners to build capabilities & productivity----Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), Office of Policy & Program Analysis (OPPA), and Program Offices.  Services include responding to single audits assigned and coordinating/responding to OIG audits.
  3. Complete grants administration activities for a variety of FEMA grant programs. The Grants Management Life Cycle consists of program management and business intelligence. There are five phases in the life cycle, including pre-award, award, post-award, closeout, and post-closeout. Additional information can be found at
  4. Implement and maintain regional grant controls & audit readiness.  FEMA is subject to annual OIG Financial Statement Audits designed to obtain reasonable assurance of FEMA’s financial competency including adequate controls.  Federal requirements for internal controls can be found in the GAO Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government referred to as the Green Book.

Resources for Recipients

FEMA Grant resources may be accessed at:


Grants Division can be contacted via email at

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