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Region VII: Divisions

This page is about the divisions within FEMA Region VII, which serves the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.
Crown Center

Office of Regional Administrator

Paul Taylor, Regional Administrator

Kathy Fields, Deputy Regional Administrator


The Recovery Division is responsible for providing federal assistance to individuals and households, as well as eligible public facilities in counties declared as major disaster areas. Learn more about the Recovery Division.

Heather Smith, Director


The Response Division is responsible for constant situational awareness/analysis through the Regional Watch Center, as well as coordinating and implementing the federal response to major disasters, including readiness of the regional Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), Planning, Operations, and Logistics. Learn more about the Response Division.

Dan Best, Director


The Flood Insurance and Mitigation Division is responsible for reducing flood losses by providing outreach regarding affordable flood insurance and for encouraging safer communities through programs that reduce the loss of lives and property damage. Learn more about the Mitigation Division.

Robarge Silkiner, Acting Director

National Preparedness

The National Preparedness Division is responsible for the coordination and development of the capabilities and tools necessary to prepare for all hazards among all levels of government, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and communities. Learn more about the National Preparedness Division.

Jay Van Der Werff, Director

Mission Support

The Mission Support Division is responsible for ensuring continuity in the leadership of the agency’s critical business operations: unity of functions and purpose with key partners, and excellence in service to its customers. Learn more about the Mission Support Division.

David DeWitt, Director


The Grants Division is responsible for ensuring disaster and non-disaster grants are managed effectively and in compliance with public law, unity of purpose with key partners, and excellence in service to its customers. Learn more about the Grants Division.

Dorothy Lorenzini, Director

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