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Region VI: Divisions

This page provides links to information about the work done and services provided by the Region VI divisions.

The Region VI divisions work together to serve our federal, state, tribal and local partners, survivors and first responders.

Response Division
Coordinates and provides the core federal disaster response capability needed to save lives, reduce suffering, and protect property in communities throughout the region that have been impacted by a major disaster or emergency.

Recovery Division
Supports individuals and communities affected by disasters in their efforts to recover with minimal suffering and disruption of services.

Mitigation Division
Offers and manages a suite of products and services to help communities manage natural hazards risk.

Grants Division
Supports all the divisions and provides oversight and management of FEMA grants.

National Preparedness
Manages a range of preparedness functions and programs to build capabilities amongst local and state governments, tribal nations, federal agencies and departments, the private sector, nonprofits/volunteers and citizens.

Louisiana Recovery Office
Provides ongoing support to survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in Louisiana, and serves as the point of contact for state and local governments. 

External Affairs
Serves numerous stakeholders including the region’s state counterparts, the general public, media, congressional offices, intergovernmental entities, tribal nations and nonprofit groups.

Mission Support
Delivers end-to-end business solutions and customer services to the regional office, including the management of human resources, financial support and management and comprehensive technological support.

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