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Region III: About Us

FEMA Mission

FEMA's mission: Helping people before, during, and after disasters.

FEMA Region III Overview

FEMA Region III's mission is to oversee and coordinate FEMA’s all-hazards preparedness and emergency management efforts in our jurisdiction. This includes:
  • Manage disaster response and recovery operations
  • Reduce risk from disasters through mitigation efforts
  • Ensure regional readiness for disasters through planning and exercises with federal, state and local partners.

To learn more about FEMA Region III, please review the below documents, which includes an overview of our programs, divisions, mission, and more. They can also be found in the Document and Resource Library.

This table includes the title of FEMA Region III's welcome and overview materials, and their date of most recent publication. This includes the FEMA Region III 101 presentation (February 2018) and FEMA Region III Welcome Packet (December 2017).

TitleDate Published
FEMA Region III 101 PresentationSeptember 2019
FEMA Region III Welcome PacketNovember 2018

Senior Leadership

Regional Administrator: MaryAnn Tierney
Deputy Regional Administrator: Janice Barlow
Chief of Staff: Mary McKenna
Budget Officer: Scott Thomson
Federal Coordinating Officer: Don Keldsen
External Affairs Director: Dan Stoneking
Grants Division Director: Regeane Frederique
Mission Support Division Director: Lisa Garcia
Recovery Division Director: Mike Senycz
Recovery Deputy Division Director: Jimmy Falone
Response Division Director: Kelly Wolslayer
Response Deputy Division Director: Jim Belzer
Mitigation Division Director: April Cummings
Mitigation Deputy Division Director: Nicole Lick
National Preparedness Division Director: Lilian Hutchinson

Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA)

The Office of the Regional Administrator (ORA) coordinates the regional offices' activities and supports the Regional Administrator's priorities. The Finance Team is a part of ORA, which focuses on the regional budget, which includes project budgeting and execution, travel, disaster funding accounts, and regional finances. In addition, legal counsel, who advises the Regional Administrator, Deputy Regional Administrator, and the Region on legal matters and precedent, as well as the Chief of Staff, are a part of the ORA.

Mary McKenna, Chief of Staff

Smiling woman with curly, close-cropped hair outside in front of the Philadelphia skyline.
As Chief of Staff, Mary has the honor of working throughout the entire Regional Office coordinating & interacting with everyone in the Region. Download Original

As Chief of Staff, Mary has the honor of working throughout the entire Regional Office coordinating & interacting with everyone in the region. First arriving at FEMA after 9/11, as a Disaster Assistance Employee, she has since deployed to over 50 + presidentially declared events, including Hurricane Isabelle, Katrina, Irene, Lee & Ike. A part of her role is to Communicate messaging in our regional office along with our components such as the West Virginia FEMA Integration Team, Harrisburg Central Processing Center (CPC), Joint Field Office (JFO), and Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) with Logistics, Operations, Planning, Finance, Human Resources, and Safety and Security personnel.  Mary works in the Office of the Regional Administrator, supporting the Regional Administrator, Deputy, and Divisions in identifying emerging regional requirements and assisting in finding courses of actions to meet these requirements. Mary finds solace in developing and fostering relationships with regional staff that encourages openness and innovation, and strives for responsiveness to their issues and ideas. 

Scott Thomson, Budget Officer

Man in a suit in front of an American flag, DHS flag, and blue curtain.
As the Budget Officer, Scott oversees the financial management activities for the region (both non-disaster and disaster), the Planning, Programing, Budget and Execution budget process, as well as coordinating policy responses for the Office of the Regional Administrator.  Download Original

Scott Thomson is the Budget Officer for Region III, leading the Budget and Policy Team within the Office of the Regional Administrator. As the Budget Officer, Scott oversees the financial management activities for the region (both non-disaster and disaster), the Planning, Programing, Budget and Execution budget process, as well as coordinating policy responses for the Office of the Regional Administrator. 

Scott joined FEMA in 2013 as part of the finance team for Superstorm Sandy response and recovery efforts in New Jersey. He then became Finance Director for the Sandy Recovery Office, providing finance and administration support for the FEMA recovery activities in both New Jersey and New York. From there, Scott took on the role of Disaster Finance Branch Chief for Region II, overseeing the financial management of both open and closeout disasters at the regional level. He has supported declared disasters throughout the mid-atlantic as well as the Region II Regional Response Coordination Center during Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Scott attained his B.B.A. in finance from the University of Miami and his M.B.A. from New York University.

Federal Coordinating Officers

Appointed by the President upon the declaration of a major disaster or emergency, Federal Coordinating Officers (FCOs) manage federal resource support activities in accordance with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

There are two FCOs assigned to Region III: Kim Kadesch (Office of the National Capital Region Coordination) and Donald Keldsen.

Don Keldsen, Federal Coordinating Officer

man in a suit smiling against the background of the Philadelphia skyline.
With over 20 years direct Emergency Management/Homeland Security experience at the State and Federal levels: he has served as the FCO in multiple disasters in multiple regions and states Download Original

Don Keldsen, a Type II Federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) is the Lead Field Coordinator for FEMA Region III and its FCO's & Federal Disaster Recovery Center. With over 20 years of direct Emergency Management/Homeland Security experience at the state and federal levels, he has served as FCO in multiple disasters, regions, and states for flooding; hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquake, as well as two presidential inaugurations. Mr. Keldsen was the Team Leader for a National Incident Management Team that responded to the Joplin tornado and a National Level Exercise.
Prior to joining FEMA, he was a preparedness consultant and trainer to local, regional, state and federal emergency management organizations. Mr. Keldsen was the Director of the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) following the 9/11 attacks, after serving as the Operations Director running the State Emergency Operations Center. While at MEMA, he was the State Coordinating Officer for 5 presidentially declared disasters. Mr. Keldsen additionally served on the National Capital Region (NCR) Senior Policy Group, the NCR Emergency Preparedness Council, the Baltimore Area Maritime Security Council and the Executive Committee of the Maryland Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council which established the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center, the state’s fusion center. 
Mr. Keldsen was a member of the National Emergency Management Association, having served on its Response, Preparedness and Terrorism/ Homeland Security Committees. He received the International Association of Emergency Management’s Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) designation.  Mr. Keldsen, a retired Special Forces Colonel, is a graduate of the Army War College and holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. He holds the Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Air Medal, Joint Chiefs of Staff badge, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Special Forces Tab, Ranger Tab and Senior Parachutist Badge.


FEMA Region III is organized into divisions, including multiple branches and other offices and programs which work together to support regional priorities and our states and key partners.

 the Program Branch and the Business Branch. Under the Mitigation Division is the Risk Analysis Branch, the Floodplain Management and Insurance Branch, the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Branch, and Environmental and Historic Preservation. Lastly, under the Mission Support Division reside the Information Technology Branch and Administrative Services Branch.
<p>This is a hierarchical chart of FEMA Region III's organization.</p> Download Original

Response Division

The Region III Response Division coordinates and provides federal disaster response capabilities to state, tribal, and local governments to support life-saving and life sustaining capabilities during a federally declared disaster.

Recovery Division

The Region III Recovery Division is responsible for managing programs that provide federal assistance to individuals and families and assist communities in recovering as a result of a federal disaster declaration.

Mitigation Division

FEMA Region III's Mitigation Division strives to create safer communities by reducing the risks to loss of life and property. Mitigation programs enable individuals to recover more quickly from floods and other disasters and lessen the financial impact of disasters on the nation.

National Preparedness Division

The mission of FEMA Region III's National Preparedness (NP) Division is to provide leadership in the coordination and facilitation of all federal efforts to assist state and local emergency management and emergency response organizations to build and sustain capability to respond to any emergency or disaster, including a terrorist incident as well as other natural or man-made hazards.

Grants Division

The Region III Grants Division is responsible for the financial management of all disaster and regional non-disaster grants and the programmatic management of regionalized preparedness grants.

Mission Support Division

The Mission Support Division provides overall administrative and information technology support for the day-to-day operations of the regional office and disaster operations.

External Affairs

Region III External Affairs coordinates and manages internal communications for the Region III office and external communications to the public, press, local and state stakeholders and officials, the private sector, and Members of Congress and their staff.

  • Regional Business Emergency Operations Center (RBEOC): The RBEOC creates a platform for FEMA to engage directly with the private sector during disaster response and recovery. Formally adopted in 2015, the RBEOC empowers coordination, communication, and engagement between the public and private sectors throughout the disaster life cycle. Please visit the hyperlink above for more information, including requesting membership in the RBEOC. 

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