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Region II: Public Information

This page features information about the External Affairs Division and the resources and support it provides.


Provide accurate, coordinated and timely information to the whole community, including all levels of government, nongovernmental organizations, the news media, the private sector and the local populace, using accessible, culturally and linguistically appropriate formats.


FEMA Region II provides maximum information with minimum delay in coordination with our State, Tribal Nation, Commonwealth, Territorial, Local and Private Sector partners to help save lives; protect the health and safety of the public, responders, and recovery workers; mitigate damages and impacts to individuals, communities, and the environment; protect property; and facilitate recovery information for individuals, families, businesses, governments, and the media.

What We Do

Intergovernmental Affairs (State, Tribal Nation, Commonwealth, Territorial and Local)

Intergovernmental Affairs builds partnerships with all levels of government to facilitate delivery of FEMA programs and protect families, community livelihood, cultural and environmental resources.

Public Affairs/Joint Information Center

Public Affairs and Joint Information Center activities ensure the coordinated and timely release of incident-related prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation information to the public. In the event of an incident requiring a coordinated Federal response, the Joint Information Center acts as a central point for coordination of incident information, media affairs activities, media access to information, and digital communication.

Congressional Affairs

Congressional Affairs actively engages and coordinates the exchange of information with Washington, D.C., and district office Members of Congress and their staffs, including support for constituent inquiries.

Private Sector

Private Sector staff supports communication, information sharing, impact assessments and problem solving with counterparts in the non-governmental and commercial areas.

Disability Integration

Disability Integration staff implement inclusive emergency management practices throughout every step of the disaster cycle, with a specific focus on universal accessibility and full inclusion of people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs. By planning for the whole community, the Region can better prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency situations.

Planning and Products

Planning and Products acts as the central point to coordinate and develop all communications plans, strategies and materials and ensure they are accessible to the whole community during an incident response or recovery.


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Media Contact

For inquiries about Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico:

For any private sector queries or concerns, please contact the Region 2 Private Sector Liaison Fritzmarie Cesar at

For all other regional inquiries please contact, “Attention: Don Caetano” in the subject line.

Social Media


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Please contact with “Attention: Don Caetano” in the subject line.

Speaking Requests

Please contact with “Attention: Speaker’s Bureau” in the subject line.

Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests may be submitted by emailing

FOIA requests may also be submitted through the U.S. mail to:

1800 S. Bell St., Fourth Floor, Mail Stop 3005
Arlington, VA 20598-3005

To submit requests for records from other Department of Homeland Security components, please see the DHS FOIA website.

Additional information on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process, reports, and requests are available on FEMA's FOIA website.


Don Caetano, External Affairs Director

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