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Region II: Mission Support

This page describes the Mission Support Division.

The mission of the Mission Support Division is to deliver end-to-end business solutions and customer services to the Regional Office to support FEMA's mission. These critical functions are separated into three branches: 

Administrative Services

The mission of the Administrative Services Branch is to provide essential functions of managing human resources, financial support & management, acquisition operations, payroll processing, travel management programs, facilities management, accountable property support, and other services for the region and field operations.

Information Technology

The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Branch is to provide comprehensive and timely support of a broad array of Information Technology and Telecommunications systems that are critical to day-to-day Regional, Regional Response Coordination Center and field operations needs. These activities include support to the enterprise infrastructure and network services, Communications Security support, operating, maintaining, and securing regional IT and telecommunications services, systems, equipment, and other assets, including local area networks, file servers, web services, and video teleconferencing.

Leadership:  John Covell

The Mission Support Division staff is committed to providing efficient, effective, and timely service in order to support and improve the work environment for the entire Region II customer.

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03/02/2016 - 11:48