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Region I: Recovery

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This page gives an overview of the Recovery Division at FEMA Region 1. Our mission is to support communities in rebuilding after a disaster, so individuals, civic institutions, businesses, and governmental organizations can function on their own, return to normal life, and protect against future disasters.

We strive to respond quickly and compassionately to the needs of disaster-impacted communities that are eligible for federal aid. If you are a disaster survivor in need of FEMA's assistance click here.

We have two programs that assist those in need of recovery assistance:

Additionally the Recovery Division is a key player in the implementation and coordination of all Federal, State, Local and Non-Profit Agencies responsible for long term community recovery set forth by the National Disaster Recovery Framework.

What is Individual Assistance?

Region I’s Individual Assistance Branch provides financial help and/or direct services to you when you have necessary expenses and serious needs during a federally declared disaster. The main goal is to assist you on your road to recovery by meeting disaster-related needs, not covered by insurance.  

Disaster Assistance comes in the form of: Housing Assistance (including Temporary Housing, Repair, Replacement, and Semi‐Permanent or Permanent Housing Construction) and Other Needs Assistance (including personal property and other items).

What is Public Assistance?

Region I’s Public Assistance Branch provides financial assistance to State, Tribal and local governments, and certain types of Private Nonprofit organizations, so they can assist communities in quickly responding to and recovering from major disasters or emergencies declared by the President.

What is the National Disaster Recovery Framework?

The framework is a guide to enabling effective recovery support to disaster-impacted states, tribes, territorial and local jurisdictions. It provides a flexible structure that enables disaster recovery managers to operate in a unified and collaborative manner. Read more.

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