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READY "Hazards"

The READY "Hazards" API provides information relating to a wide range of disaster situations, with helpful information for how to prepare, survive, and cope with different types of disasters. This information mirrors the data available on




FEMA Web Team

API Endpoint

Additional language options are available, it's possible to pass a language code to filter the output of the JSON feed, e.g. for Spanish content.

Supported languages are:

Spanish Español es
French Français fr
Arabic العربية ar
Chinese, Simplified 简体中文 zh-hans
Haitian Creole Haitian Creole ht
Hindi हिन्दी hi
Japanese 日本語 ja
Korean 한국어 ko
Russian Русский ru
Tagalog Tagalog tl
Urdu اردو ur
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt vi

Data Fields

Data Fields Table
path textRelative URL to this content, relative to
title textThe page title, usually simply the hazard that this page is about
field_main_image:src URLURL to an image relating to this content
field_main_image:alt textAlternative text for the image above
language textEnglish name of language this content is written in
last_changed_at timestampThe last time this content was updated, in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-TZ:00 format
body textThe actual text of this content, with HTML, links are relative to
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