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R6 Recovery Division

This page describes the work of the programs in the Recovery Division, as well as provides links for use by survivors and community officials.

Our Mission and Our Programs

Recovery's mission is to support communities in rebuilding so individuals, civic institutions, businesses, and governmental organizations can function on their own, return to normal life, and protect against future hazards.

Recovery is made up of the Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams (DSA), Individual Assistance (IA) and Public Assistance (PA).

  • DSA -  The DSA mission is to build and sustain an expeditionary cadre that can establish a timely presence primarily focused on addressing the needs of disproportionately impacted populations and disaster survivors.  To watch a video on the DSAT click here
  • IA - provides resources available to State, Tribal, and Territorial governments supporting a declared disaster.  Individuals looking for more information on FEMA assistance please visit Individual Disaster Assistance or go to to apply for assistance.
  • PA - FEMA's Public Assistance (PA) grant program provides federal assistance to government organizations and certain private nonprofit (PNP) organizations following a Presidential disaster declaration.

Resources for Individuals and Communities

Recovery Division Leadership

  • Traci L. Brasher, Director, Recovery Division
  • Dave Lebsack, Deputy Director, Recovery Division
  • Lori LaFon, Individual Assistance Branch Chief
  • Bill Boone, Public Assistance Branch Chief

Contact R6 Recovery Division at 940-898-5144

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