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Public Private Partnership Models

Learn more about emergency management public private partnerships by reviewing the models collection on this web page.

Public Private Partnerships - Models

Many states and other jurisdictions are actively entering into public-private partnerships to improve their capabilities in emergency management. In addition to participating in partnerships directly, public and private sector organizations can help bolster the nation’s preparedness in other ways. We can share successful models and best practices. We can contribute effective tools. We can train and exercise together. We can identify appropriate functional funding streams. We can make more partnerships across the country.


  • Business Emergency Operations Alliance (PDF 60KB, TXT 11KB)

  • Citizen Corps (PDF 219KB, TXT 4KB)

  • Infragard (PDF 40KB, TXT 12KB)

  • Ready Campaign (PDF 44KB, TXT 3KB)



  • All Hazards Consortium (PDF 130KB, TXT 13KB)

  • DFW First (PDF 35KB, TXT 13KB)

  • KCP&L (PDF 112KB, TXT 7KB)

  • NorthEast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (PDF 130KB, TXT 13KB)

  • Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PDF 44KB, TXT 9KB)

  • South Central PA Region Task Force (PDF 47KB, TXT 7KB)

  • SouthEast Emergency Response Network (PDF 65KB, TXT 3KB)

  • Southeast Wisconsin Homeland Partnership (PDF 29KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Southern West Virginia Preparedness Partnership (PDF 27KB, TXT 8KB)

State-Funded or Supported State Models

  • Alaska (PDF 50KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Arizona (PDF 392KB, TXT 14KB)

  • California (PDF 151KB, TXT 7KB)

  • Colorado (PDF 30KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Illinois (PDF 122KB, TXT 14KB)

  • Iowa (PDF 111KB, TXT 11KB)

  • Louisiana (PDF 151KB, TXT 7KB)

  • Missouri (PDF 187KB, TXT 19KB)

  • Utah (PDF 34KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Virginia Department of Emergency Management Private Sector Liaison Program (PDF 127KB, TXT 12KB)

  • Washington (PDF 141KB, TXT 11KB)

Other State Models

  • California Direct Relief USA (PDF 29KB, TXT 11KB)

  • New Jersey Business Force (PDF 39KB, TXT 7KB)

Tribal Nation

  • Indian Health Program – Emergency Preparedness (PDF 215KB, TXT 16KB)

  • Programa de Salud Indígena: Preparación para emergencias (PDF 215KB, TXT 16KB)

Big City

  • Arlington, VA (PDF 114KB, TXT 14KB)

  • Chicago, IL (PDF 22KB, TXT 4KB)

  • ChicagoFirst, IL (PDF 40KB, TXT 12KB)

  • Dallas, TX (PDF 5MB, TXT 34KB)

  • New York City, NY (PDF 37KB, TXT 9KB)

  • Providence, RI (PDF 43KB, TXT 8KB)

  • San Diego, CA (PDF 85KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Miami-Dade, FL (PDF 40KB, TXT 7KB)



  • Fairfax County, VA (PDF 239KB, TXT 11KB)

  • Harris County, TX (PDF 125KB, TXT 13KB)

  • Santa Rosa County, FL (PDF 33KB, TXT 10KB)

  • Victoria County, Texas (PDF 238KB, TXT 13KB)

  • Washoe County, NV (PDF 28KB, TXT 8KB)

Event Specific

  • Building Science Private Sector (PDF 27KB, TXT 8KB)

  • Consumer Electronic Association's 'Public Alert Technology Alliance' (PDF 25KB, TXT 7KB)

  • Science Applications International Corporation (PDF 24KB, TXT 7KB)

  • Florida Emergency Management-Florida Outdoor Advertising Association Billboard Partnership (PDF 415KB, TXT 19KB)

Disclaimer: FEMA’s Private Sector Division of the Office of External Affairs facilitates information sharing and good practices for developing effective public-private partnerships. This Web site and its contents are provided for informational purposes only, without warranty or guarantee of any kind, and do not represent the official positions of the US Department of Homeland Security. For more information on the Private Sector Division, please email or visit

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