Immediate Needs Funding (INF)

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Immediate Needs Funding (INF) is intended to meet an Applicant's urgent needs in the initial aftermath of a disaster. Upon request by the State, FEMA can provide these funds for work an Applicant must perform immediately and pay for within the first 60 days after the disaster declaration. The funding is available for emergency work only; it cannot be used to complete permanent repairs. Eligible activities typically include debris removal, emergency protective measures, and removal of health and safety hazards. The funding may be used to cover such costs as overtime payroll, equipment costs, materials purchases, and contracts when these costs are incurred for emergency work.

FEMA identifies potential immediate needs during the Preliminary Damage Assessment. INF may total up to 50 percent of PDA estimates for eligible emergency work. Upon approval, FEMA will fund the Federal share of the total INF and funds are placed in the State's account within days of the disaster. If an Applicant receives INF, the INF amount is later deducted from the grants for the Applicant's Category A and B projects. The grantee is responsible for disbursing INF to eligible Applicants.


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