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Public Assistance: SubGrantee

The term subgrantee (also referred to as an applicant) is a State agency or local government, American or Native American Indian Tribes, Private Nonprofit organization, or other legal entity to which public assistance funds are awarded.

The subgrantee:

  • Must identify its damages to the State and FEMA.

  • Should attend the Applicants’ Briefing to learn about the necessary paperwork to apply for Federal assistance and documentation required for the Project Worksheet process.

  • Should submit a Request for Public Assistance at the Applicants’ Briefing or no later than 30 days after designation of the County.

  • Is responsible for providing documentation and personnel to work with FEMA and the State in the damage assessment and project application processes.

  • Is responsible for completing its recovery actions.

  • Is accountable to the grantee for the use of the funds provided by FEMA.

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03/07/2016 - 10:12