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To be eligible for funding, disaster recovery work performed on an eligible facility must be required as the result of a major disaster event, be located within a designated disaster area, and be the legal responsibility of an eligible applicant.

Other federal agency (OFA) programs
FEMA will not provide assistance when another Federal agency has specific authority to restore or repair facilities damaged by a major disaster.

No assistance will be provided to an applicant for damages caused by its own negligence through failure to take reasonable protective measures. If negligence by another party results in damages, assistance may be provided on the condition that the applicant agrees to cooperate with FEMA in all efforts to recover the cost of such assistance from the negligent party.

Special considerations requirements
Necessary assurances shall be provided to document compliance with special requirements including, but not limited to, floodplain management, environmental assessments, hazard mitigation, protection of wetlands, and insurance.

Categories of Work

Emergency Work  
Category A: Debris Removal  
Clearance of trees and woody debris; certain building wreckage; damaged/ destroyed building contents; sand, mud, silt, and gravel; vehicles; and other disaster-related material deposited on public and, in very limited cases, private property.

Category B: Emergency Protective Measures  
Measures taken before, during, and after a disaster to eliminate/reduce an immediate threat to life, public health, or safety, or to eliminate/reduce an immediate threat of significant damage to improved public and private property through cost-effective measures.

Permanent Work  
Category C: Roads and Bridges  
Repair of roads, bridges, and associated features, such as shoulders, ditches, culverts, lighting, and signs.
Category D: Water Control Facilities  
Repair of drainage channels, pumping facilities, and some irrigation facilities. Repair of levees, dams, and flood control channels fall under Category D, but the eligibility of these facilities is restricted.
Category E: Buildings and Equipment  
Repair or replacement of buildings, including their contents and systems; heavy equipment; and vehicles.
Category F: Utilities  
Repair of water treatment and delivery systems; power generation facilities and distribution facilities; sewage collection and treatment facilities; and communications.
Category G: Parks, Recreational Facilities, and Other Facilities  
Repair and restoration of parks, playgrounds, pools, cemeteries, mass transit facilities, and beaches. This category also is used for any work or facility that cannot be characterized adequately by Categories A-F.


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