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Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement

The purpose of this page is to announce to the public that FEMA has completed the Record of Decision (ROD) on the final National Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (NPEIS) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ’s) NEPA implementing regulations in 40 CFR §1500 - 1508 and FEMA’s NEPA procedures.  FEMA determined that the NEPA analysis for the Proposed Action should be conducted at a nationwide programmatic level. 

 Published Draft PEIS Notice of Availability and Public Meetings/Webinar in Federal Register
Apr-May 2017: Conducted six public meetings and two webinars across the U.S.
Nov 2017: Published Final PEIS Notice of Availability in the Federal Register
May 2018:  Published Record of Decision in Federal Register


Project Overview

Development of the NFIP NPEIS began with publication of the Notice of Intent in the Federal Register on May 16, 2012 (77 FR 95, pages 28891-28893).  The evaluation process included the NFIP Stakeholder Listening Session with key stakeholders in November 2009.  In addition, FEMA conducted two public meetings in December 2010 and opened a public comment period on four alternatives for NFIP Reform. Comments received were considered part of the scoping process for this NPEIS.  Additionally, FEMA held three public webinars in April and May of 2014 to further the scoping process.

Publication of the draft Nationwide Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (NPEIS) on April 7, 2017 included a 60-day comment period with public meetings and webinars to obtain comments on the document.  FEMA accepted comments on the draft NPEIS until June 6, 2017.  Comments on the draft NPEIS were incorporated, as appropriate, into the final NPEIS (see Appendix M). 

On May 25, 2018, FEMA issued the ROD on the actions to be taken, including potential mitigation measures. FEMA is releasing this ROD to announce its intent to implement the Preferred Alternative from the NFIP’s final Nationwide Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (NPEIS).  The preferred alternative consists of the following program modifications:

  • Phase out of subsidies on certain pre-FIRM properties (non-primary residences, business properties, severe repetitive loss properties, substantially damaged or improved properties, and properties for which the cumulative claims payments exceed the fair market value of the property) at a rate of 25 percent premium increases per year.
  • Phase out of subsidies on all other pre-FIRM properties through annual premium rate increases of an average rate of at least 5 percent, but no more than 15 percent, per risk classification, with no individual policy exceeding an 18 percent premium rate increase.
  • Implement a monthly installment plan payment option for non-escrowed flood insurance policies.
  • Clarify that pursuant to 44 C.F.R. § 60.3(a)(2), a community must obtain and maintain documentation of compliance with the appropriate Federal or State laws, including the ESA, as a condition of issuing floodplain development permits.
  • Clarify that the issuing of certain LOMC requests (i.e., map revisions) is contingent on the community, or the project proponent on the community’s behalf, submitting documentation of compliance with the ESA.

Executive Summary of the Final NPEIS

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The full Nationwide Programmatic Environment Impact Study

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Record of Decision for the NPEIS

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Community Awareness Letter March 2019

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